I upgraded but can't see the new app?

No new app is installed when upgrading: Instead, the original app automatically enables the new upgraded functionalities

I purchased an offline wiki but it has not downloaded

Downloads should begin immediately and will appear in your device's notification bar. It is recommended that you keep your phone connected to the internet and with sufficient power whilst the download is running, but if this is not possible it should not be a problem: the download will pause automatically when your prefered connection type (WIFI or Mobile) is disconnected, and will resume once you reconnect. Depending on your connection speed and the size of the wiki you have purchased, downloads can take from under and hour to over a day to complete, so please be patient.

How do I enter OFFLINE mode?

If you have purchased an offline wiki, you can access the OFFLINE mode by pressing the small "OFFLINE" button at the top of the first screen of the wiki app (on the Action bar). If there is not internet connection when you open the app, it will automatically start in offline mode.

I have bought 2 language wiki's. How do I switch language?

In the OFFLINE mode, you will notice a small button with two letters in the Action bar (the bar at the top where you search). The two letters represent the current active language, and pressing it will toggle the language. (for example, EN, NL, DE, FR, JA, ZH, etc..)

Can I move the offline wiki files?

No, you should not attempt to move the wiki files. Doing so will break the app. Currently, the files can only be saved in the phone's internal storage space.

If I change phones, can I recover my purchased wikis?

Yes, of course! On your new device, install the same Wiki app that you had on your old phone. Then press the upgrade or offline button as if you wanted to purchase an upgrade. The app will query Google Play and will tell you how much credit you have. You may then use this credit to re-download your wiki on your new device.

I have cleared the app's data and now it does not recognise that I have upgraded. What should I do?

Open the app, then press the button to upgrade. Then exit without purchasing anything, and exit the app. This should trigger the app to confirm your upgrade with Google Play and reinstate your purchase.

My dog deleted the /wikiapp/ directory where the wikis are stored. What should I do?

You should first feed your dog. Then, open the app and press the upgrade/offline button. The app will recognise you have paid for an offline wiki but do not have one, and will give you credit. You can use this credit to download your wiki once more.